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 Rules~ Please read.

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Rules~ Please read. Empty
PostSubject: Rules~ Please read.   Rules~ Please read. Tiny-pink-clockFri Feb 25, 2011 11:13 am

There wont be to many rules and I apologize if they sound to harsh.
That wasn't my intention.

1.You must be 13 years or older to join this forum. This is a rule from the Forumotion' terms of service, if you are any younger than this, we will ask you to leave.
2. Always use common sense and be courteous to all members. You should not insult, harass, annoy, bully or intentionally start fights with others. If someone asks you to stop, you need to kindly stop.
3.Spamming is not allowed. Short, annoying or duplicated posts that do nothing to contribute to the conversation will be deleted. Spam also includes the over use of CHATTING IN CAPS. Also please use decent spelling and gramar, I'm not asking you to be perfect it just helps us better to read your post. Smile
4.Activity Checks- Members that do not post in 6 months will be deemed inactive and their accounts will be deleted, even if they have logged on recently only to lurk. Members who have not logged on or posted in 3 months will also be at risk of deletion.

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Rules~ Please read.
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